Year in review – Consume and Review’s top 10 films of 2015

It’s been a fantastic year for movies. 2015 seemed to have it all. Tense dramas, chilling thrillers, fun blockbusters and even some kick-ass franchise sequels and reboots (who woulda thunk it!?).

So without further ado, here are Consume and Review’s top ten films of 2015:

Disclaimer: I am yet to see the Big Short, the Hateful Eight or the Revenant. They will be included in my list of 2016. 

10 – Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller nailed the return of his beloved apocalyptic franchise. Fury Road knew exactly what is was – a testosterone fulled, two-hour car chase. With amazing practical stunt work and cinematography, Fury Road got my blood pumping  and was the year’s biggest surprise.

9 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Possibly the most anticipated film in history. That’s a lot of weight resting on JJ Abrams’ shoulders….but he pulled it off! Well, for the most part. Sure the Force Awakens had it’s issues, but it was still a wildly fun time, filled with charming characters, an energetic script and a warm homage to the original trilogy. It got me excited to be thrown back into the world of Star Wars and I can’t wait to see how this trilogy unfolds.

Read my full review here.

8 – Spy

Another surprise for me. I was ready to throw in the towel for Melissa McCarthy – that was until Paul Feig brought us Spy, one of the most hilarious films of the year. Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy were gold as a comedy duo.

Read my full review here.

7 – Bridge of Spies

It’s Spielberg and it’s Hanks, need I say more? Bridge of Spies was a smart, tense thriller with a sleek script. As usual Hanks and Spielberg went together like cheese and wine, but the real star was supporting actor Mark Rylance as captured soviet spy.

Read my full review here.

6 – Ex Machina 

Intriguing is an understatement. This unnerving look at artificial intelligence and its disturbingly ambiguous creator, played phenomenally by Oscar Issac, had me on edge all the way up to the breathtaking finale.

5 – Sicario

Mix together legend cinematographer Roger Deakins, talented composer Jóhann Jóhannsson and one of the most exciting directors to emerge in recent time, Denis Villeneuve, and what do you get? A deeply unsettling thriller you  will want to turn your eyes away from – but can’t. The mix of sweeping cinematography ,  ominous soundtrack and imposing direction, along with raw and intimidating performances by Emily Blunt and Benico del Toro, left me feeling a deep sense of unease – in the best way possible. The crossing the border sequence was perhaps the most memorable scene of the year.

Read my full review here.

4 – Spotlight

Another film that left you feeling uneasy, this time because of it’s subject matter. Director Tom McCarthy handled the uncovering of the Catholic Church molestation scandal with class and care. Filled with amazing performance from leading and supporting cast, Spotlight both shocked and awed.

Read my full review here.

3 – Creed

Thank god this was good. Creed could reduce the manliest of cinema-goers to tears. Filled with the heart, passion and motivating spirit of the original Rocky. Creed was stood proudly as its own standalone tale, while fitting in perfectly within the Rocky franchise. Brilliant direction and cinematography meshed with an energetic performance by Michael B Jordan, and an absolutely heartbreaking performance by Stallone. Creed was a standout of the year.

Read my full review here.

2 – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Who would have thought, the fifth installment in a franchise would be the best? Mission Impossible should be dead and buried by now, instead it looks like it’s just starting up, and Tom Cruise, a true Hollywood star in every sense of the word, shows no signs of slowing down. A fun, fresh script with any number of intense set-pieces and breakneck sequences, along with a charismatic cast and seamlessly impressive female lead – Rogue Nation, to me, was almost everything I could ask for in an action film.

Read my full review here.

1 – The Gift

Not one of the biggest films of the year – but for me, it stood apart as my favorite. Aussie actor Joel Edgerton stepped both behind, and in front of the camera, to direct a near perfect, Hitchcockian thriller. The pacing was sublime, building the weight of tension expertly until that shocking finale. The Gift immersed me and left me speechless. I couldn’t ask for any more in film. Congratulations to Joel Edgerton on a phenomenal year.

So there you have it guys, my 2015 in a nutshell. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store. What were your favorites of the year? And what are you looking forward to the most for 2016? Comment below!

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    • Thanks! Ha not a fan of Spy? I really really liked It Follows – I loved the whole premise and it’s one of the better horror flicks I’ve seen in recent time. To be honest though, I completely forgot about it when I put together my top ten!


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