Creed – Movie Review

Starring: Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Tompson

Directed by Ryan Coogler 

What is Creed like? Absolutely terrible.’re not talking about the 90’s rock band? Oh well in that case Creed is absolutely fantastic.

This spin-off from the Rocky franchise focuses not on Rocky, but Adonis Johnson – the son of Apollo Creed. In an attempt to make his own name for himself, Adonis enlists the help of Rocky to serve as his trainer and mentor.

If I were to rate films on the basis of the emotional impact, Creed would be number one. I wept like a baby throughout this film.

Creed has everything you come to expect from a Rocky film, training montages, an epic final fight and a whole lot of heart – that is perhaps what surprised me the most. Creed is both a perfect homage to the original Rocky films, while at the same time establishing its own franchise – Michael B Jordan is energetic and captivating as Adronis. Almost immediately you are invested in his plight. At the same time, Rocky and his past is very much there and relevant to the story. It is a testament to the franchise that the presence and importance of Adrian – Rocky’s long deceased wife, is still felt strongly in Creed. 

If the heart in Creed is what surprised me the most, then it was shortly followed by the performance of Sylvester Stallone. It’s easy to forget among all the Expendables movies that Stallone does have some acting chops. He puts everything he has into Creed and it pays off. Stallone’s performance of an older, reflective Rocky, battling his own emotional and physical demons, is raw and powerful. It will be a crime if Stallone isn’t nominated for an Oscar.

Creed is directed boldly by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) – one single-take fight scene was so impressive and seemingly impossible, that it left me feeling like I was a victim of  Ivan Drago’s right hook.

Fans of Rocky, new and old will get a kick (or should I say punch) out of Creed. It is as good as Rocky I and deserves a place as one of the greats of the franchise.

Creed can be purchased here.


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