Spy Review

Melissa McCarthy returns to form in Spy

Director: Paul Fieg
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Jude Law, Miranda Hart

It seemed as though Melissa McCarthy was doomed to follow path paved by Adam Sandler: a hilarious debut followed by an inevitable descent into  juvenile and unfunny comedies. However, any such thoughts can be set aside for the time being, as this spy-spoof hits the mark more often than not.

McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, the desk bound CIA operative working behind the scenes to assist her field agent partner (and crush) Bradley Fine – the Bond like operative played by Jude Law. When Fine is suspected killed in action, Cooper volunteers to pick up where he left off, and enters the field as a fish out of water.

McCarthy’s character of Cooper is modest, homely and far more enjoyable to watch than her more recently obnoxious characters such as Tammy. You easily find yourself rooting for the sweet-natured Cooper, as she begins to stand up to those who patronise her, colleagues and enemies alike.

One of those colleagues is fellow agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) the exaggerated caricature of Statham’s usual  roles. Statham is a true highlight of Spy, with some hilarious monologues and cuss filled banter with McCarthy.

At times it feels like Fieg begins to rely too heavily on the foul language to give the jokes some punch.  Likewise, the violence is slick and sometimes borders on being gratuitous, although probably not by today’s standards. However, ultimately the writing is solid and there were plenty of scenes that left me chortling with laughter (yes chortling!).

Spy is a fun and enjoyable spoof of the genre, with a just enough twists to keep the plot moving and quality jokes coming.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

You can pick up the blu-ray of Spy here. 


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